Where the sidewalk ends

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Get in the mood

Studying the cosmos,
wearing a suit
we’re all good at it
if we get in the mood


Take out the trash, it’s not
tough work, oh dude!
You can be good at it
try to get in the mood


Fall for somebody
live a honeymoon
you can be good at it
if you get in the mood


Laziness, sloth or
forget about it
and just get in the mood


So maybe the way
to make everything good
is for us to just relax
let’s get in the mood!

Daily war

I will not fight your daily war
Your tiny fight with our love


You stain all the words
With a deep grudge
We’re sinking in the mud now
We’re falling apart


I’m sick of your mood swings
This endless routine
The wartime is over
You lose and you win

Where the sidewalk ends

There’s a place where the sidewalk ends,
And behind the giving tree
There you can play hug o’war,
In the attic the light’s always on
A cheap rhinoceros, a giraffe and a half are always falling up


Let me be a cartoon
And don’t call me “sue”
Let’s play, boys, around the world
Where a chained prisoner has a plan
Johnny, twenty five minutes to go
Silver dollar queen’s proud to be a song in the mouth of great emmylou


I was following oncle shelby’s walk
Spreading magic, marking where I had to go


For those words from the past
For his songs and his soul
I live where the sidewalk ends

Why do I want to be in that showcase

I close the door and put the key in my bag,
The crowd sourrounds me in the street.
And then I flow as if I were a stream
On my own, just right now we are myself and me

Beeing at the front, is all that counts
Great deals of cash but not much ground
All must be great, “it’s so nice and so clean”
But I wonder, where all our shit is fitting in?


Streetlights that guide sheep
Ads walking arround
Lights, stars and red carpets
No good in it can be found


Why do I want to be in that showcase?
Nobody cares, no one looks here
The more I try to be seen
The less visible I become


If we sell out our lives through many screens,
Why are there people we don’t see?
How is it not to be seen?
Goddamn, i just want to fit in

Someone wants to save me

Someone wants to save me,
Save my poor old heart.
Someone wants to save me,
Bring me back to a real life.


I’ve never asked of anyone
To lend me a hand or give me a buck
Or teach me how to stare at the sun.
Someone wants to save me.


Someone wants to save me,
Maybe it’s a ghost.
Someone wants to save me
Cause he thinks that I am lost.


I’ll fade away like morning fog
So i won’t leave you a rotten corpse.
I will miss whiskey on the rocks.
Someone wants to save me.


Someone wants to save me.
Let the darkness be my bed.
Someone wants to save me.
I feel sorry if you’re upset.


So let me close my eyes once more.
If I’m still here, tomorrow when it’s dawn,
We’ll go on arguing what’s going on
If someone wants to save me.


Homenots choir:
We’re dark light gents
We’re parting riders
Coming thru…
With proud joy we lift life’s red wine
We paint your lips of lurid blue
Leaving or staying it’s up to you


Can’t hear our steps within the silence
Moaning wind
Walking shoes with no feet in them
We’re standing suits containing no men
You seal your mouth or start to sing!


Someone wants to save you.
I’m still here waiting for you.
Hoping that you are still alive.
Waiting for your light.
Please get back!
You know where i can be found.
Because I want to

Last Sunday before winter

Thirty years have past
I still keep on my neck
A kiss that made me fly
The sweetness of your smell
What a crazy innocent love that i felt
I didn’t realize that was love
And i didn’t ever tell


I remember your smile
And your surpising hugs
How lost you made me feel
With just hearing your voice
All those memories that i have in my head
But last sunday before winter
I fell down over my pain

A small trace of river

There’s a small trace of a river
Though no water can be painted
I perceive it’s warmth beneath it
And I’m sure I know that place


There’s a small trace of a river
Crystal clear I’m understanding,
Almost hear your voice explaining,
You don’t see me anymore


There’s a small trace of a river
From the distance the perspective
Is as cold and unexpressive… As your face

One of us

If you were famous through out the world
You’d not be one of us
You’d own a super trendy home
Where neighbours won’t disturb.
You’d have a lot of well-known friends
You’d give some coins to “fight for aids”
You would take flights in your own plane
If you were like “the boss”.


If you were famous through out the world
You’d have the chicks you’d want
And you would probably be on
All the covers of vogue
You’d need to have your own chauffeur
And bodyguards to take good care
No more looking for clothes on sale
If you were like “the boss”.


No long cues no more waiting to be called
To get a job
No tuppers from your mama
You’d take her arround the world.
It’s great to feel the impossible
To be the boss right next to god
I hate to tell you this my friend, but
You’re not like “the boss”
Cause still you’re one of us

The clockhands aren't stopping

Clockhands never stop, time is running out
Our eyes first met. Knew you from before.
If maybe this is fate, another life
Where’s the balance? Is this gonna be right?


Wanting is not daring, i dare, but can’t
Fear’s protecting our paths
Maybe it’s just loneliness my great big match
Just me, myself and i


It’s always nice to have
Someone to tell nothing
That happened in our day
The clockhands aren’t stopping

The death I live

I have nothing to say about the death i live
An unknown paradise somewhere in the sea
While all the world thinks i’m dead here it’s me
Joining this gathering of celebrities


Behind me there’s bob sitting under a palm tree
Elvis is preparing him a cup of tea
I’m gonna ask michael if he wants to join me
To go to rehab where we can meet up with johnny


Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
It’s not heaven. Can you her me?
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
This is not hell. Can you her me?


From here i can see marylin and kurt
They’re talking to miles cause he feels kind of blue
We’re singing and dancing when someone new arrives
Full moon’s shining bright. In the world some people are crying

Little fish

I’d like to share with you, little fish
Who have you been and still are for me.


I find it hard to choose the words
To express my feelings
How grateful I am for knowing you,
For being next to you


No matter what. That’s a fact.
We will always be together,
As we’ve always been little fish.


I’m who I am because you’ve been by my side.
You understand (who we are) beyond heart.


I’d like to say I love you. Simply as that. No need for willing.


We know what’s going on when something’s wrong. We give us strength to carry on.


You make me proud, i say out loud.
And we’ll always be together,
As we’ve always been, little fish.